May 29th, 2010

This dinner was a comedy of errors. Most of the proteins we ordered were mistakenly sent back. Our fish order never showed up. Half of the group was either working or out of town. All in all not too uncommon, but it led to a crazy day.  I think our most memorable dinners come out of moments like these. It forces us to really think on our feet, brainstorm and adapt and ultimately that is when we are at our best.  It came through in the food with some or our regulars saying that is was the best dinner they have enjoyed with us yet and newcomers singing the praises of everything that was served!

Don’t let the cool exterior you saw that night fool you.  It was intense in the kitchen, but anyone who works in a kitchen knows that you need to adapt on the fly because those kinds of things happen all of the time.  It is how you adjust and recover that makes the difference!

Thanks to everyone who came, it was an amazing night. Smoked white chocolate for the win!


Scallop and Lobster Ceviche w/ Fried Tortilla, Marinated Cabbage, Red Pepper Sauce
w/ La Cana, Alberino, ES ‘08

Local Summer Squash Soup w/ Carrot Yogurt, Crumbled Pistachio
w/ J.Hofstätter, Pinot Bianco, IT ’07

Sunburst Trout w/ Fennel-Leek Hash, Olive Breadcrumbs, Balsamic Tomatoes, Beurre Blanc
w/ Dirler, Pinot Noir, FR ‘05

Chorizo Stuffed Roasted Quail, w/ Succotash, Chicken Sage Gravy
w/ Reinaert, Flemish Wild Ale, BE NV

Cayanne and Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bars w/ Smoked White Chocolate, Cherries, Candied Bacon
w/ Tobin James, “Liquid Love”, Late Harvest Zinfandel, CA ’07

PHOTOS (courtesy of Chrissy. [email protected]):

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